Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

We have had such a hot summer, we decided to keep the pool open one more month. Well, we could use it only with a heater. The last couple of days, we have been blessed with perfect, beautiful weather! Of course, on Monday when Brock had to march in the SEMO District Parade, it was 90+.

Normal fall stuff is going season has begun, weather is getting cooler, etc. One thing new for us is the anticipation of Malaena. We are only waiting for one document that we have applied for from the US Immigration to get the ball rolling again in a slow forward motion. We did receive awesome news girlfriend, Chantelle and her husband, Eric, will bring their baby girl, Bianca, home from Guatemala one week from Tuesday!!! We are thankful for this news!

My Uncle Royce has been diagnosed with cancer. We are all concerned for him. He's started his treatment at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis which I feel is the best place for this. My Grandma Fortner will turn 92 next Wednesday. Momma and Daddy are doing well. Mom promises to help me paint Malaena's room yellow!

I've started a new home-based business selling diamond bras, fun shirts and having spa parties. I also began a Beth Moore Bible Study on Tuesday evenings covering the book of Daniel. This goes until April 22, 2008. We pray our baby girl will be home safe with us!!!

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