Friday, August 31, 2007

The Paperwork is Done....Our Wait Begins

Donnie and I have been working on completing the paperwork for about six weeks. For me, it became consuming (somewhat a part-time job.) I checked the U.S. Postal Service website and our paperwork is at the Guatemalan Consulates.

We made the huge plunge....we became mini-van owners. The day after we chose to go with Palmetto Hope, Donnie called me to go check out a mini-van. I really thought he was kidding, but not-so-much. It works out great for the family to travel together....the boys like it.

Donnie has also been surprising me daily with things for Malaena's nursery. We now have just about everything we need from her bedding to a doll that speaks English and Spanish. I got my first baby gift from Ms. Rose Kincy....a little cherry outfit.

The next step is waiting.....we are waiting for our I-171 which will be issued by the US Immigration and waiting for the paperwork to be authenticated by the Guatemalan Consulates. Once we get the I-171, we will be ready to get the referral of our baby girl!

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