Friday, August 24, 2007

Brock's 17th Birthday

I can't believe that Brock has begun his 17th year of life. He's now a junior at Jackson High School. I started Brock's day off right with his favorite, blueberry muffins. Donnie and I hosted a big birthday party. Those attending were: Grandma and Grandpa Evans; Nana Phillips; Uncle Bryan, Aunt Stacy, and Kayla McCain; Merlin (Brock's Youth Leader from Church), Nicole, and Madaline Pirtle; and our family, of course. The meal was followed by a bowling party where Brock invited his buds and four girls. He wouldn't disclose any information on the females that attended. Seven of his friends stayed up all night in our basement having a Halo marathon. Brock had a great day!

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Dottie said...

I absolutely can not believe that Brock is 17! But then Morgan just turned 15 so....

Happy Birthday to Brock and I'll be praying for your family on your adoption journey.