Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding Season 2012 Begins...

My gorgeous bride, Maureen (Mo), was so wonderful to work with! Her family was just as amazing as she!
The groom deserves as much attention as the bride, but as history has it, it's "HER" day! I try my best to capture a fabulous portrait of each groom!

I do my best to take all the stress off my brides by being super organized and already having planned my bride's vision and expectations of her day. Yesterday was no exception! Had a little glitch with a 35 mile-per-hour wind, so plan B was to use my studio! With a big bridal party and large family, it went just beautifully!

Most asked questions by brides:
1)Can we shoot outside? Absolutely but we will have PLAN B!
2)Do you edit my images? This makes me laugh! I had a bride one day with a blemish on her forehead and she called herself a unicorn. Needless to say, she had probably forgotten about her "pet" 4 weeks after her wedding when I posted her images, but I hadn't. I take care of every small detail.
3) Will I show black and white images? I feel some images are shot to be full-blown color, some black and white and some vintage. I feel my "style" is how I shoot and how I tell the story. I LOVE different effects.

If you are planning your wedding for 2013, I highly encourage you to call and set up a wedding consultation. Time flies and weekends are limited, so it's always best to plan ahead!

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