Sunday, November 21, 2010

family photo shoot....

i don't even know the number of family shoots that i do in a month. i did five yesterday if that gives you an idea. sssssoooo....i took off a sunday from work and scheduled my own family shoot. my fabulous friend and associate let us stand in front of his camera for a couple of hours and i'll share those soon but....i couldn't have my family all beautiful and not have a camera in my hands. today, i experienced what my other families experience on "shoot" day....WOW! WOW! WOW! it all started about 10am when i skipped church to jump in the shower so i could have great hair and organized clothes. i answered emails after shower and stuff but sis was scheduled to get in the tub at 11:15....accomplished. doorbell rang at 11:30....john paul, friend/make-up artist, arrived! WHEW! i did my hair myself while sis was playing in the water (yes...she was in there an hour, but i did reheat the water) and john paul began my make-up. boys started stirring and asking about if they should wear t-shirts, belts, etc., but boys are pretty low-maintenance. i get a phone call from my friend...the photographer...saying weather not cooperating for our funky/innovative plan b...STUDIO! john paul finished my make-up and girl....if he hasn't applied your make-up belladona spa and salon tomorrow. it's 10:42pm and i hate to wash my looks fabulous still.

anyway....left house and at studio about 2:30. we played, we bribed, boys were name it, every emotion was experienced. BUT....mama was happy that the whole gang was together and all i wanted was one fabulous shot so i can have one new image in my house and one for the Christmas'll see! i did get a sneak peek and i was happy. my lesson at the end of this day is the stress over finding the "perfect" outfits, fixing the hair extra special, stretching malaena-sloan's limits....worth it. here's a few that i shot....enjoy!
we begin our picture parade with lil' sis!
i believe this one must hang in my house!
love this one, too.
the man i love.
daddy with his first born!
daddy and his boys
thanks melinda for snapping this one! my son has definitely outgrown me!

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