Friday, March 19, 2010

now introducing some of our senior models....

i have had the honor of being represented by some wonderful young women! i have been scouting out high schoolers to help promote my business! what fun i have had with this. i get to spend time with these incredible girls and their families! one of the perks of my jobs is meeting new people and making great friends! thanks, girls, and their parents for helping promote our business!
kati....egyptian high school
davanika...cape central high school
hannah and sydney....kelly high school (tag-team sisters)
lisa....cape central high school
kasey....jackson high school
alisha....zalma high school
myriah....scott city high school
megan....notre dame high school
katessa....scott city high school high school
river....saxony lutheran high school

i am looking for a few more models! please pass this along as there are great perks toward earning FREE pictures!

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