Monday, February 1, 2010

my last day in the great state of texas....

what perfect timing i had in missing the snow storm in missouri! i have gotten to have lots of quality time with demetra. though it's cold in texas, it's not the bitter cold we have in missouri. demetra has never had children of her own and really hasn't spent a lengthy amount of time with a 2-year-old. it's been so funny having her analyze malaena-sloan's behavior as well as how i handle her outbursts. it's so funny having demetra praise me for how i handle the not-so-pleasant situations we have had especially in a public setting. saturday night, we had a girls' night which included demetra, malaena-sloan and myself. dee took us to the mercury chophouse in downtown fort worth. it was neat....such an experience. m-s didn't get her nap out and she didn't want her mac-n-cheese but instead my beef stew. she always feels she needs to visit the restroom when i get my meal served to me. it was a little challenging but i so appreciated the special treat from demetra.

demetra has always loved for me to capture our trips in photographs but this time was even more special! celebrating her engagement is something we have always dreamed of. i will be her matron-of-honor in her june 19th wedding and m-s will be one of her flower girls. i have had the pleasure and honor of helping her plan! it's been a great week. just going to share a few of my favorite images of her and mike! thanks you two for your hospitality! with treatment like you've given me, it's super hard to leave!

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The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

great photos! I wish you came up north to Troy, MO I would love to have you do our engagement and wedding pics. I keep telling my fiance, I wish I could do my own wedding photos.

I am scrapbooking a friends photos now and am so not impressed with the photos. From a scrapbookers perspective there are photos missing that should be there and a lot of hers are just out of focus and just too staged.

Your photography is great.