Monday, December 7, 2009

happy meeting malaena-sloan day....

wow! how quickly two years flies by and how much life can change. i never dreamed our little bundle of joy would rock our world so much. as i look around our house this morning, i can tell you that she dominates. toys are everywhere as she sets smack dab center our our coffee table watching dora! what a miracle adoption is, what a miracle our daughter is....truly, what a miracle life is. i am so "in love" with our baby girl. there are 17 years between my two children and if someone would have told me five years ago that i'd have a toddler, i'd tell them no way. i marvel in how God worked in our lives to let our daughter be born in Guatemala and find her way home to us! praise be to God today. i am so thankful to HIM for our baby girl.
this was right after we met malaena-sloan in the lobby of the marriott and i carried her up to our room. this is our foster mother's mom. i was all teary-eyed and malaena-sloan was bright-eyed!
this trip i tried to force the pacifier on our girl. she never really liked it but made for a super cute picture. she tricked us on this trip as she slept a lot. i literally laid and watched her sleep every night. i was "in love!"
mama and malaena-sloan. mama's hair looked particularly good on this day!

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