Monday, December 28, 2009

great day for the near-end of 2009.....

my new little friend, jacy....aka little miss jackson. i had crowns all over the place today. i didn't know that crowns had special little carrying cases!
this child is smart and spunky! we were talking about this pageant dress for her next pageant and asked if she would wear this in her next pageant. she said, "yes, this dress is a winner!"
second queen of the day is my new friend, darbi....aka miss jackson! thanks for the privilege of photographing you!
a fun image of the beauty queen!
lisa is appearing again on my blog.....this is her debut with curly hair!
love the girl! fabulous hat!!!!
technically, this image was taken yesterday and edited today! i seldom make it out from behind the camera, and this was the ONLY picture of my daughter and me over Christmas! we were sporting our new hats daddy got us!

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Pineapple Princess said...

Finally a picture of the two of you. Ha! You two are so cute together! :)