Sunday, November 8, 2009

unpredictable job....

i had the best afternoon. while driving to my shoot, i never know what i'm going to come up with. i truly pray to God to direct me to capture my friends (also known as customers) in the exact moment where they are in life. this couple is super special to me and so i ask them to do stuff i haven't tried before. it was an amazing afternoon filled with lots of laughs and some great memories shared!
i love how adam and annie look at each other! "in love" for sure! i thought this image was perfect showing how they love one another!
love this one!
gorgeous bride!
here we go....venturing into the creek! my feet were frozen but i didn't complain cause annie was wet up to her waist! bride agreed to sit in the ice cold water! you are a tough chica, annie! i think the images were well worth it!

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