Saturday, November 7, 2009

back by popular demand....

my family (particularly malaena-sloan) has been the topic of many conversations. my friends and blog followers have actually messaged me about no pictures of my baby i'd get some on here. the first year of malaena-sloan's life, i documented everything on this blog because i made a book. now, i have another focus for this blog which is my professional life, but most importantly is my family.

little sis is growing like a weed. she's quite bossy (hmmm.....where did she inherit that trait!) she loves and i mean LOVES to eat! she loves peanut butter, yogurt, popcorn, rice crispy treats, coke, salad, roast.....the only thing i have found she doesn't care for his tomatoes. she babbles up a storm and each day we understand more and more. she still hyperflexible and we are going to start another gymnastics class this winter.

malaena-sloan loves books, farm animals, dora, wiggles, still barney and life in general. she has learned from donnie to let us know when she's happy by saying, "happy!" it's precious. donnie has really pitched in and helped tremendously while i've been working. malaena-sloan adores daddy!
dirty face and all!

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