Monday, October 12, 2009

sneak peak for jen and marc....

Sunday I had a GREAT afternoon. As most of you know, I specialize in capturing folks in their own environment. My first shoot Sunday was a family shoot in my bestest bud, Chantelle's home. It was GREAT and the pics are AWESOME! I'll be giving a sneak peak of that soon. I followed that with a 6-year-old birthday party!!!! WOW! WHAT FUN!!! I approached this party to capture all the little details. The pics are GREAT and plan to share in a couple of weeks. I followed that party with another family shoot at Aimee's parents' home. NEAT and BLESSED day!

If you or your child have a birthday party coming up and would like me to spend a few hours or even a day, I'd love to. I'll be adding a new division to my website called "simply with you for the day!" We can capture a party or if you LOVE the age you or your child are and you want me to get some intimate shots of what it's like in your household right now, I'll come share a day with you! Call today if you have a "special" or even "ordinary" day you'd like to document with pictures!!!!

sneak peak of Madi!

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