Monday, October 12, 2009

the pleasant family....

NO...this family's name is not the pleasant family but it is the way I'd describe them! Family dynamics have always fascinated me. One reason is because growing up the way our parents do things is the only way we know. I can totally remember I was about 17-years-old and I was at Penny's house and realized her Mom told her she loved her all the time and they kissed on the mouth! In my family, we NEVER said the three words...we did love each other but wasn't said openly and heaven forbid us kiss on the lips!!!!

Enough about me and on with this sweet family. The mom is a nurse and the day a nurse-in-training! FUN, SWEET, PLEASANT family! The children were so mild-mannered and when Dad spoke they listened! Their shoot went smoothly and the pictures totally captured what we experienced!!!!

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