Sunday, August 23, 2009

What You Are Hearing Me Say.....

TRANSITION TIME!!!! I woke up this morning to get ready to go to church. I thought I heard Brock upstairs in his shower. WOW! Everything I do, everytime I turn around, I think of Brock-ster! Mrs. Evans, Brock's Grandma, said when her Brock's dad left home for the army she still has the coffee cup she bought. It says, "It's my mid-life. I'll crisis if I want to!" She said she went through about a 6 month depression! Yep, I can so relate.

Thank goodness for sweet, little Malaena-Sloan. She keeps me hopping and laughing. We visited a different church this morning and she stayed in the service with us the whole time. At a point when the preacher was preaching and he made a GREAT point, it was like someone cued Malaena-Sloan cause she said, "AMEN!" We cracked up!

I've got a couple of projects that I must take care of right away. One being organizing Brock's stuff that he didn't take with him. WOW! You can hardly tell he took anything with him. The second thing is beginning the groundwork to transform our preschools to a bilingual curriculum. I'm not getting started with all that tomorrow! I'm taking a break and going down for a photography lesson from my dear friend, Norm! His wife and I have been friends for 25 years and we always have tons of laughs when together, so I'm really looking forward to sharing time with them.

Here's a few left-over cottage photos and more!
Bella holding Daddy's hand and her favorite friend, Molly Bear!

Jake getting ready for more time on the boat!
Nate fishing!
The thing we are playing on is the "TUBE". I never got the nerve up to experience the "tube" but I will next year!
The cottage life just made Malaena-Sloan have to take a BREAK!
I got up early to take some pictures of Bostwick Lake with the sun coming peaceful!

So glad I got to spend some time with Justin. He is going to school in DC and was home a week. He is going our future newsanchor!
This is one of my best bud's dog. This dog is like 114, and has just been diagnosed with sundowners. She gets a little forgetful when the sun goes down.
Malaena-Sloan and one of her favorite buds, Lexi!

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Ferrick said...

Cheri, is that our flag at the cottage? Love that pic!