Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Know For Sure.....

It's amazing to me when daily I keep having lessons in life. When you think you have a grasp on a subject, then take the time to chat with someone you've known forever and realize you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Today, I had the priviledge of hanging with dear friends, Norman and Debby Swafford. Norm actually started taking my picture when I was 14-years-old. Norm has been following the progress of my photography for months and he's been critiquing me and giving me advice at least once a week. Years ago, he asked me to come down and shoot with me and told me he'd give me some was the day!

It was amazing to work with a TRUE artist. Norm is also a teacher. It was so cool to actually have a complete explanation of what I've just been doing and on occasion, it actually turning out. I learned so much today....of course, got a list of "must have's!" It was really a magical day as I actually feel like I'm beginning to get the "picture in the frame!"

I think with the digital world of photography, people buy the digital camera and learn a small amount....just enough to get buy as a photographer. Norm is from the "old school" yet he's totally stayed on-top of learning the digital world of photography as well as photoshop and lightroom! The "old school" side of Norm has a true grasp of what lighting is all about. It's crazy how excited I got to be able to shoot today with a flash.

I so appreciate Norm and Debby for all the advice and am SO looking forward to the future trainings they are giving me! Norm and I are going to work on some projects together, as well! Stay tuned to see some of my new work.
Norm Swafford and me! I am so blessed having GREAT friends like he and Deb!


noelle said...

Awww, that's a sweet post and great photo with Dad. Wish I could have joined you! You look just as great as you did at 14!

Stacy said...

I read your post late last night and then went off to bed. When I was lying there I was thinking how truly blessed you are to have such amazing mentors in your life! I can tell it's such a blessing to you! :)

Chantelle Becking said...

Lookin good little momma! Wow, I need to learn the photo shop option for my personal pics....I like to look younger and smoother! That is worth a mint!

nswafford said...

Cheri, I am only too happy to part with knowledge I have picked up over the past 50 years. You thirst to learn things the correct way and then add the new trendy styles is refreshing. You have fired my love for this business once again. Sometimes you need a fresh viewpoint and you have provided that. Thanks Norm