Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's HIT ME.....

This truly was a GREAT week sharing time with Susie and her family. Not sure if I have shared this or not in how Susie and I met. We were both in the middle of our Guatemalan adoptions at the time it was a roller coaster. We were on an adoption forum and we ALWAYS shared the same point of view on nearly each topic. SO....I privately messaged her and we corresponded a couple of weeks. Then, I asked if she'd like to chat on the phone. I can remember her first response to my southern accent. We then started chatting on the phone nearly every week, and emailing almost daily.

In March 2008, she was coming to St. Louis to visit her sister. She and her husband went out of their way an hour and a half to meet us. She spent the night and we could NOT believe how much we shared in common. It still blows my mind as we still discover our similarities.

We were not-so-patiently waiting to bring our daughters home, then it worked out that we had the same embassy day. The chances of this are only explainable by one word....GOD. We shared one week together with our daughters and husbands in Guatemala. The time was magical.

Bella, her daughter, was diagnosed with Leukemia last fall. It has been amazing seeing how God has used Susie to teach me about His healing, His promises and how important it is to speak His word. Bella went on maintenance portion of her treatment early May and the first place the two of them headed was to spend a week with our family. Susie's timing is always amazing as it was the week before Brock's graduation, and she had many words of wisdom for me.

My promise to her was that we'd be coming to the cottage this summer, and it was decided to come after once Brock went to school. I knew leaving Brock would be a mind-blowing experience, so the decision was made we would get him moved into his dorm and leave to go on vacation to see SUSIE!

It was a GREAT idea eventhough Sunday was a LONG day. Leaving from Columbia, MO, added a couple of hours onto the trip. I bawled like a baby when we left Brock. Malaena-Sloan teared up too. Donnie was shaken as well. He had to leave us to go to band camp, after we shared a meal. He's always the adult in our relationship and just hugged me and told me he'd see me in a couple of weeks. I went to the bathroom and cried and sobbed. Malaena-Sloan held me and patted me. She totally understood Brock wasn't going to live at home any longer. She was really sweet.

We got on the road after the monsoon outside let up and drove in the rain until 12:30am. It was so GREAT arriving at the cottage cause in ways, it seemed I had hung out with Susie a week ago.

The week was relaxing, busy, musically-filled, lots of laughter and needless to say, Susie and I still hadn't gotten all of our conversations finished after 4 days of non-stop visiting!

On the drive home, I could feel myself getting really sad. Typically, when we are away, Brock is usually home to greet us (especially his little sis.) Well, he wasn't. The house just seems different without him. Although, Brock pretty much came and went as he pleased this summer, I knew he'd be home at night. I feel so heavy-hearted it is unreal.

I talked to Brock three times this week. He is adjusting much better than his Mama. I am so happy that he's having a ball though he's super tired with band camp. I still can't believe my son begins college Monday, and he'll celebrate his 19th birhtday that day. As the old saying goes, time surely does fly by!

I thought I'd get lots of pictures to share of Brock's move-in, but the monsoon was about to start, so we were booking it to get his stuff in so it wouldn't get wet. I have a couple of pictures to share of him leaving the house.....

I truly am blessed to have had the honor to raise such an amazing son! I told Brock before I left him that we are all God's children, and we get the honor of raising His child here on earth! I shared with Brock-ster that when I was carrying him for nine-months and dreamed of what my child would be like, he has far surpassed any dreams and expectations. SOOOOOO PROUD!!!!


Ferrick said...

"Why with your Southern drawl and my Northern accent we can still communicate and understand each other". I remember that first call, and like always, we were laughing right away.

Stacy said...

The funny thing is that I feel homesick for Brock, too! Oh my! I'm hopeless! :)