Saturday, August 22, 2009

a glimpse of our week.....

This is the girls on Monday morning when they first saw each other! It was like they'd been together a week ago!
This is one guitar playing fool and quite the Michael Jackson impersonator. I hit it off with Nate as he reminded me so much of Brock-ster. He and I shared a lot of deep conversations....he's wise above his years for a 14-year-old. Like I've always said about Brock that he's the adult in our relationship, I'm pretty sure Nate fits that bill as well!
What a cutie patootie!!!!
A relaxed DH!
Built just like me....her little Booty Butt!
Susie and Dave produce some beautful off-spring! I love this kiddo! (I love them all!) I think this is my favorite pic of Sammy (aka Scabes) from the week!
You, my favorite blog friends in the world, can give me your opinon, but for me, this is my favorite picture the whole week of Malaena-Sloan. This was her just being the KID she is!
Another pic of my main model, Jake (aka Bubs)!
Our girl lovin' some beach time!
Beagan keeping watch over his new little buddy!
The girls had some differences, but they really worked them out. They truly love each other!
Would you believe we even had a bonfire! Did we have marshmallows...NOPE! I am always watching me weight so I didn't eat, but others ate Lay's Chips and French Onion Dip. Malaena-Sloan ate straight dip and had it all over her! The girl loves her food!
The Cottage Week was even completed with a FIREWORK SHOW compliments of Susie's boys!


Pineapple Princess said...

I can't pick a favorite! They are ALL eye candy in my opinion! :)

Ferrick said...

Only pic missing is ours...oh wait, we forgot to do that! Ugh!