Monday, July 20, 2009

Malaena-Sloan + Jello = Lots of SMILES!!!

My Mom's friends that follow my blog always tell Mama they don't know how I get anything done besides taking pictures of Malaena-Sloan. housework just isn't a priority like it is to my mom. I get to a point that I have to pick it up, but that only hits me a couple of times a week usually after the girl goes to sleep. I truly don't want to miss out on anything she says or does.

I love that I was able to have a son and raise him. Being Brock's mama has been one of the highlights of my life. NOW....raising a seems more incredible. I think it's because I KNOW how fast the years pass. Brock leaves for college in 28 days which seems unbelievable. I am thankful to God that we have Mae-Sloan so our house is still filled with lots of laughter!!!

I have had a lot of inquiries wanting to know what camera I'm shooting with. Well, folks, as of now, it's the same camera that I've shot with for a year. It's a Canon 50d. I'm telling you now, it's not the equipment. Sheri with Bella Bambino Photography hired me in March, and she knew my passion for wanting to learn to shoot "professionally." So, I signed an employment contract and I am officially a photographer-in-training. Tomorrow begins my official training! For two weeks, I will be in BELLA BAMBINO PHOTOGRAPHY BOOT CAMP!!! images should be improving drastically (if not I am in trouble!)

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as Malaena enjoyed the JELLO!!!!
About 1/2 way through this cup, I had the bright idea to take some pictures and capture this moment. Malaena-Sloan enjoys anything she does, but when she eats, it always amazes me how much she can consume. Jello was her appetizer tonight for dinner!
EVERYONE compliments Malaena-Sloan on her beautiful teeth. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS the first thing I notice about a person is their smile! I asked the dentist since her baby teeth were so pretty was that an indication her permanent teeth will be. His response was NO but we'll make them pretty!
Anything this child does, she does it with PASSION...especially eating (just like PaPa Bill!)
OH MY! Second cup of Jello!
Loving her some JELLO!
Serious about her food!

This is a big-mouth opened laugh!


Hannah said...

I just recently found your blog and LOVE it. I have a 50D too but my pictures look nothing like that! I hope as you learn you will pass some knowledge on to us :)

Your family is beautiful!

Chantelle Becking said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The new blog is so so super sweet! Awesome Mae Mae material

Pineapple Princess said...

Ya girl! You are going to have to give us the boot camp tutorial- blogger style.

Give us some tips and tricks so we can get better, too!

Your new blog rocks!