Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday AGAIN.....

I am in photography boot camp, but really haven't gotten to "shoot" much this week. Thought I'd share one of my favorite model, Malaena-Sloan.

What's on my mind this week is that we keep getting closer and closer to the day we move Brock-ster to Columbia, MO. Some days, I'm a little sad about it, and today is one of those days.

Malaena-Sloan went 4 days to preschool. WOW! Each day when I come home, I think she's grown and learned new stuff. It has made me realize how blessed I am to only be away from her a little in a typical week! Of course I would if I had to, but I PRAY I don't have to work full-time EVER again. I just know time goes by too quickly, and even when she starts school, I want to be the Mama that picks her up!

I told Malaena-Sloan that her best bud, Bianca, let her borrow this to wear this season. She kept looking at her new duds!
I'm not quite sure what she said, but I'm pretty sure she liked the outfit she was wearing to school!!! I must add, she filled it out so SWEET!

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michelle said...

your photos are amazing! Good for you, chasing your passion! I LOVE the pics of Mae Mae in your black heels, TOO CUTE!! The photos of the girl friends are precious!! Won't they just love looking back on them when they are in high school : )