Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hanging with our BFF's....

I told Malaena-Sloan to make Solie laugh. What a cute little hiney shot....I swear her rear-end is just like mine!
This is our Baby Solie!!!! Malaena-Sloan calls her "So." She's fascinated with her.
How sweet it is watching these girls love spending time with each other!!!

She was thrilled her best friends were over to swim!
We used to refer to this little lady as Baby Bianca....not so much of a baby anymore! Time is going by too quickly (I know I say that all the time!)
This girl is so passionate about her food....even if it's just a chocolate chip muffin!!!! It totally reminds me of my daddy!
This is one of Malaena-Sloan's prideful looks!

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Vanessa said...

You guys have some really adorable friends!!