Friday, July 17, 2009

The daily antics of Mae-Sloan.....

We all crack up at her expressive FACE!!!!
This girl is trying to tell us about life! The words she says clearly have a SOUTHERN DRAWL! When she says, "MORE," it's about 3 syllables!!!!
Walking a mile in my Daddy's shoes!!!

Well, you can see we are easily amused at our house! Donnie got me my last "dream" lens. It's a zoom lens, and Malaena-Sloan and I were testing it out a little. She'll sit still for a few minutes, then she is totally over me! SSSSOOO....what do I do?! What any practicing photographer would do, I start chasing her around the house. This forces me to practice all my settings cause every area of the entire house requires me to tweak and chimp!

The weather is amazing today. NO HUMIDITY IN MISSOURI which is unheard of in July! This weekend is supposed to be like this and I think it may get into the 50's tonight. I'll try to capture some moments with our girl to share!!!!