Friday, May 1, 2009

Thinking Back....

The picture below is from one year ago today. We were in Guatemala with our babies. In this picture is Doug, Cindy and baby Ana; Dave, Susie and baby Bella, and yours truly.....we all hung out in Antigua, Guatemala, with our babies. It was a holiday in Guatemala so it delayed our VISAs to get the girls home. We made the most of it with good food, good fellowship with GREAT friends. I try not to live in the past but the last couple of weeks, my mind and heart can't stop reminiscing back to my time with my new baby. My time in Guatemala getting to know Malaena-Sloan was 2 of the most precious weeks of my life. I never knew how much one little girl could change a family. We have 100 times more love and laughter in our household as a result of our precious daughter!!! I thank God each and every day!!!

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