Monday, March 2, 2009

First Gymnastics Class and More....

I used to get a ton of pictures of Malaena-Sloan's feet. Now, they are too active to capture very often! Donnie and I LoVe her feet....we play with them all the time!!!
This child loves bathtime!!!!
Two of my most favorite people of earth! Brock LOVES Malaena-Sloan but she loves acting like she doesn't want him. Yesterday she climbed up on him and laid her head on him....needless to say, I missed that shot. Both my children have the most gorgeous eyes! Look at Brock-ster's eye lashes!!!
Donnie bought me an awesome camera last summer, and it is my goal to learn to use the manual settings! I know it's grainy but hopefully you'll be able to see my progres soon!
How cute is she with cookie crumbs on her mouth?!!! (one of my first manual setting pics!)

One of the goals for this class is to be able to jump on the trampoline with the feet leaving the mat. Malae loved it.
I know this shot is blurry as Donnie just picked up the camera and it wasn't on the right setting. Anyhow, didn't know that the class was a parent/baby class. I totally didn't get that memo and you should have seen the things I did in my clothes. Next week, I'll be dressed ready to M-O-V-E!!!!
Tonight, she was walking beside the balance beam. I know good and well, before she'll be flipping on it!
At the end of class, they do a chant telling each other goodbye. Malaena-Sloan's concentration phase was on as she was trying to get the rhythm!!!


Chantelle Becking said...

Love love love!
She is amazing!

Vanessa said...

I SO want to out the girls in gymnastics, but there are no classes for their age within and hour from our house!! So for now dance is going to have to do!

Ferrick said...

I didnt know you were a gymnast? Good one something I would do, one more reason why we know we were separated at conception. :) love you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :o) I'll check out your blog in more detail when I get the chance.


Too cute as always! Are those leg warmers?

Jennifer said...

Cherri .. What is a CHI?

Pineapple Princess said...

LOVE those leg warmers! I want some! :)

Malae is so darn cute!