Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doing A Lot of What She LOVES....

This week has been pretty low-key with events that don't revolve around Malaena-Sloan! We've hung out at the house several days this week. I think that is possibly Malae's favorite place to be. She loves to roam around the house and her latest find is CANDLES! She will pack a candle around and sniff it. Being at home really makes potty-training easier. Just now as I was typing, Malaena-Sloan stopped playing and walked up to me. I asked her if she needed to potty and she said, "Bawh," in her pirate-ish voice. I took her and she made a shooey! It is so funny cause the only time she went in her pants this week was when she was with Donnie. He asked her if she needed to go and off she went running. She knows that potty-time is not a Daddy thing!!!

We made a big decision this week. Donnie has LOVED giving Malae her bottle at night. She has only taken that one bottle for months, and it was totally his thing to do with her. Well, I told him the other night that if she didn't start settling down when she took the bottle, we needed to get rid of it. Wednesday night, Donnie was playing basketball and about 9pm I put her milk in a sip cup. Malae reacted exactly like I thought....she took about 3 drinks and spit all three out. She doesn't like the taste of milk but will take it out of a bottle. When Donnie got home, he gave in and made the bottle. Thursday night, I told him if she didn't settle down after the bottle, I thought that should be the last.

SSSSOOOO.....Thursday, Malaena-Sloan had her 17-month birthday and her last bottle. Last night, we laid her between us and out she went WITHOUT a bottle. It's sad for me that she has given up another baby thing. Barney is coming on and Malaena is a happy cat! She stops playing to watch Barney. She's really becoming quite the performer as she started mimicking the dances this week. SO CUTE!!!! Her new things this week are marching, rowing her arms while saying row, row, row and she's mastered the words up and open.
The girl LoVEs to SmILe! She's happy 99% of the time. It's amazing!
The girl LoVEs to EaT!!!!! It's possibly her favorite pasttime.


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

She is soooo cute! Luca loves to eat too. I think he could eat non stop. We were waiting at the restaurant yesterday for him to finish stuffing his face. He is so active he wears it all off. He loves his fruit and veggies too...thankgoodness.

Pineapple Princess said...

It was sad for me, too, when Bella gave up her bottle...but bedtime is much simpler now which is great.
Love "watching" your little performer! Her smile is contagious! :)

Sig said...

Awwww. Last bottles (or last anything ) are so bittersweet.Such a cutie!