Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BFF's Hang Out....

First things first....noses have to be clean before PLAY TIME occurs!!!
Malaena-Sloan loves for Bianca to push her on Winnie the Poo!!!
Yeah! Friends are here! It's just been Mama and me a couple of days and I've got CABIN FEVER!!!
Oh, maybe I ate one two many goldfish!
Malaena-Sloan having a ball!
My BFF may be a little too much in my personal space!!!

What fun the girls had today. Bianca and Chantelle stopped by! I figure Chantelle figured she had to come visit me, afterall she referred to me as a "hermit!" Who would have thought the social bug that I am has turned into a hermit?! I did this last January/February cause I can't handle the bitterly cold weather! Tomorrow it's supposed to warm-up here, so Malaena-Sloan and I will venture out!!!

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Vanessa said...

Looks like those two are going to be best buddies for a long time!!