Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is Malaena-Sloan on her 16-month birthday! We spent the day going to Paducah to our new McAlister's Deli. It opened one day only to get about 7 inches of snow/ice to shut it down for 3 days now....UGH! Please, Lord, let Spring be around the corner!!!
Lauren is always trying to get a GROUP shot with her, Malae and we go!
Another one!
Our last attempt of a GROUP shot!
I think this is my favorite picture of Owen that I've taken! How SWEET he is!!!
Action SHOT! This girl will NOT stop to pose for the camera. I just have to snap away to get a pic of her face!
I can not stress enough how Malae was LOVIN' all the fam here! She was BESIDE herself when she got to take a community bath!
Malaena-Sloan and Lauren Grace! I love this pic!
In my element! My favorite little kiddos EVER!!!
Grammy has arrived and has Malaena-Sloan in training!
My 93-year-old Grandma doing her daily Bible reading....what a role model for me!
I loved this picture!
Malaena-Sloan and Daddy looking at the book filled with babies!
My handsome nephew, Drew, is growing up and totally occupies himself!
Just taking a little break on the Monkey-in-the-Box BreAnna got her for her birthday!
This has been one party girl! She loved having all the company and plans to enjoy having Gram, PaPa and Grandma Fortner for a while!

Who would have thought Missouri would look like Michigan?! UGH! We just arent' equipped for this kind of weather. My parents and grandmother and brother and his family spent the night...12 people in this house. Malae had a rough night with her tummy. She grapped my hand at 2am to go sit on the potty....WOW! Didn't know all that could come out her her and thank God she say on her potty or we would have been changing sheets! Billy, my brother, got up at 3am for a shower. He's used to working nights, so his schedule is mixed up. Half the family got up at 5am to go to buy generators, Grandma was up by 6:30 and the whole gang was up by 7:30. Dad, Brock and Drew went out for a MEN'S BREAKFAST. They had fun. I just realized in this post, Malae is still in her jammies. That's just what one does on a snowy day. I am so thankful that we have electricity.

Malaena-Sloan has looked at the winter wonderland from the window. She doesn't seem at all interested in going outside and neither am I. I am not a winter person. Looks like my parents and grandma may be here 2-3 weeks. Malae will get used to more attention than normal!


Vanessa said...

Tell Donnnie he better be careful showing that princess all those babies in that book!! I mean when she decides to ask for a new baby brother or sister how will he be able to resist that sweet face??

Butler's said...

Hey Guys...we are loving the snow...mostly because because we did not have to be out in it. Miss you!! Bren

Ferrick said...

Look at that handsome man with his beautiful daughter. I love love love those photos! I bet you are loving the adult interaction. It's fun to be snowed it once in a while. You really should take Malae out and at least make snow angels. :) Go out at night and take a winter wonderland walk at night, its magical. Tips from a Michigander. Luv ya!

Lori said...

How does that girl manage to get cuter with every posting? I love the one of her sitting on the Monkey in a Box. They make seats out anything, don't they? I am so glad that your family had a warm place to go after that awful,awful ice storm! Enjoy all this family time!!!

Paula Pearson said...

Cheri who is having the most fun you or Malae. She is delicous. I don't know how you can not just eat her up. Some day she will know how lucky she is to have you guys as parents . Being the mother of 2 adopted children I know what you are going thru and life is great when they are tiny. You and her are both blessed. Enjoy her while she is so little, they grow up way too fast and next year when Brock is away at college you both will need each other to fill the void..

Paula Pearson said...

I enjoy the pics so I pull up your site a couple times a week to see whats new. I told your mom to stop by and I will show her what you and Malae have been up tooo.. love the pics. Some lately have been so dark keep working at