Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Start of Another Week....

Malaena-Sloan loves her some Nikki! Nikki always has on big necklaces and earrings and Malae is all about her bling!
I have a picture from the visit trip just like this and I can't find the disc of course!
She's totally getting used to the water in her eyes.
Action SHOT!!!
Malaena-Sloan loves her bathtime!

Hurricane Ike's storms were to hit our area this morning. The limbs hitting the house due to the 60mph winds awoke me this morning. Our power was out a while, and the local station adviced to stay indoors until after 1pm with Dangerous Wind Warnings and Tornado Watch. So, we sat tight this morning, and thankfully, we just have some stuff to pick-up around our house. One hour south at my parents, they had a whole knocked in their roof and lost shingles. People told me yesterday the predictions was 7-10 inches of rain and thankfully, they were wrong.

Yesterday, Brock had his senior picture taken. I can't wait to unveil them to y'all. He looked so handsome if I say so myself. Last night, Donnie, Malaena-Sloan and I went to a gospel singing. Our daughter was awesome. It lasted 3+ hours and Malaena entertained those at least 3 rows behind us. She literally put on a show and HER crowd loved it. She danced, she raised her hands praising the Lord, she waved and the list goes on. We were so proud of how she behaved and people came up complimenting her beauty and personality. You know we were PROUD PARENTS! How fun it is having an 18-year-old senior and a young lady getting ready to turn one!


Ferrick said...

Girl, I miss you, there just are not any other words. I wish we could be with you all to celebrate Malae's first birthday. She is such a joy. Could she be any more like her Mama? I just love God, his plan is so perfect. Let's talk this week, last week got nuts for me. Hope your feeling better, believing in God's healing for you. Hugs friend, Sus

Chantelle Becking said...

Is there ANYONE out there who does not LOVE this child??? I think not! She is awesome, amazing, adorable, and shear perfection!
We love this little lady! Can't believe she will be turning 1 so soon!
Much Love

Amy said...

What sweet photos. I love the action bath time shot! Bath time is such a fun bonding time!!!

Daphine said...

Hi Cheri,

I came acorss your blog while visiting another one. Love the title! Love it!

You have a beautiful family!

I am glad that your family survived the storm.

Wow! So you have an 18 year and a 1 year old? I bet there is a lot of fun..

I enjoyed reading snipets of your blog today and will definitely be returning for more reads.

Take care and please feel free to pay me a visit as well.