Friday, September 5, 2008

Ms. Independence....

How cute is this?!
Malae-Sloan LOVES her barn and farm animals!

I knew it would happen but I never dreamed it would happen so soon. My mom was up this week and pointed it out. Malaena-Sloan is SO independent. She will play by herself for a LONG time now. She could walk if she'd allow us to practice with her but she won't have ANY part of holding our hands to practice. She will walk with her push toy. Today, we were eating lunch and she kept trying to get the spoon from my hand. Finally, I gave it to her and she would eat what was on it. From my memory of Brock, the "baby" stage lasted longer, but I guess not with this one. Parents-as-teachers coordinator came yesterday and Malae's language is ahead of schedule. I am totally happy dancing being that she heard Spanish for her first 7 months. All other areas, she was right on target. She's so cute cause she says, "HI!" to everyone and waves. I wonder where she gets that friendliness from?!!!!

Well, maybe, she's still in the baby stage on some things. Right now, she wants me and is calling my name non-stop. Oh, wait, it's simply because I have the computer and she wants to type. Must run!
This was Malaena-Sloan's first time to feel cool air. She usually fidgets in her stroller but she loved being outside with the cool breeze blowing in her face. We are going to love strolling this fall season!


Jack said...

She is just adorable! Love the jeans!! Enjoy the weekend!



The picture as ADORABLE as always. She is getting so big!


Chantelle Becking said...

Little Miss Hot Pants!
I love love love the Peace outfit. Wish I could get one in my size.
Miss seeing you cats. Ours schedule has not permitted and now that you are judging the pageant circuit I might not be cool enough! ha ha
Love you kids

Lou said...

I love her little "peace" outfit!! Adorable! And she just gets cuter everytime I check on your blog! What a cute personality she has, and what a big girl she is becoming!

Vanessa said...

Ok Cheri, You must tell where the outfit came from??? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I think I need some of those for my girls:)

I can't believe how mig baby girl is getting!! I hope you guys are still coming to New Orleans!!

Katie said...

Her smile is the best !!! CUTIE !!