Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I just wanted to introduce my Great-Grandma Fortner. She stopped by to visit me. She will celebrating her 93rd birthday on Sept. 19th. She says I'm one active baby, and I'm telling you that she's one active Great-Grandma!
Nanny Annie wanted to take a couple of pictures of me to show my Mama that I'm happy even when she's not home.
Yes, I love being home with my Mama and Daddy and brothers!

How blessed we are to have our precious little Sassy home with us. She's cutting 8 teeth right now and she back to sleeping VERY LITTLE! My friends know that Brock slept very little, and his doctor said to give him a little benadryl once a week to get eight hours sleep for ME. Well, that does the opposite on my precious daughter as she becomes wired for sound. So, we just pray that she sleeps through the night before she's 3 like Brock-ster did! At least she's happy when she's up! I must look at the upside!

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Jaime Salas said...

How lucky to have Grandma! Congratulations on 4 months home- your angel is just precious.