Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Picture Update....

I'm starting this post with an action shot because that is what is happening at our house...tons of action! Malaena-Sloan is ON-THE-MOVE! Donnie has always said that I can't sit still, and our daughter is the same way. Even when she takes a bottle, she is moving a hand or a foot. She is standing up a lot and my mom even witnessed the first time she stood alone on Sunday! Mom was thrilled!

Malaena-Sloan is all about clapping for herself and she performs patty-cake hundreds of times a day for us!

This child amazes the whole family. She seldom bonks her head as she sits up and maneuvers under all and any furniture in our house!

Our great room is literally a corral! Malaena-Sloan kept showing up in the kitchen and I caught her in action coming through this whole. We have since fixed the fence!

When you have a signature bum...flaunt the signature bum!

I worked and worked with Malae on this face....we call it her model face! She had this scary face plastered for a couple of weeks! She is VERY expressive!

Her passion for jumping is written all over her face!!!


Stacy said...

You win!
Check my blog.


Butler's said...

Love the pics...she is on the move.
Miss you! Bren

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!!