Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home THREE Months!!!

Two bathing beauties! One with an awesome tan/one without an awesome tan! We have been home three amazing, awesome months. I felt I have done an O.K. job of documenting Malaena-Sloan's progress on this blog and on my calendar, I've done a great job at tons of pictures of her, where I have failed is we still don't have a family picture with all 6 of us. Now that Brock is driving and has an agenda of his own, it's hard to get us all together. If he is home, I guess we are having down time and don't think of it. I will try and get one done very soon. Malaena-Sloan gets in the tub with me once a week or so but still prefers the kitchen sink. When we are in a big hurry, I dip her in with me. We had my Uncle Royce's visitation last night and I have NEVER seen the amount of people there. I saw folks I hadn't seen in years. No one could believe Brock will turn 18 the 24th of this month, and Malae was a "SHOW STOPPER" of course. People go on and on about her beauty and my family can't believe how much her personality is like mine. God is amazingly good!


Gabriela Marie and Family said...

We met Denise, Michelle's mom, in the lobby. They are here visiting Isabel again. They said to tell you hi and that Isabel is on her 3rd previo.
I looks like you are having a ball with Malaena and I bet it seems like you have had her forever. We can't wait until Ella comes home to complete our family. Pray that she is home very soon!

Chantelle Becking said...

Hey hot stuff...
The blog has turned PG-13! Wahoo! Nothing like a bathtub shot!
You two are too cute and I am missing you big time!
Thinking of you and prayers for your fam.
Chantelle & Bianca

Lori said...

I was so excited to meet your little girl the other day! She is so beautiful and she is such a good girl! Big hugs!


Candy said...

Hey Girl ...glad you reminded me its been 3 months...feels like A LIFETIME AGO I was flying to GC every month and then us together at the EMBASSY...WOW....LOve the BATH PIC...TOO CUTE

Missy said...

Hi Cheri you are probably going to think I am a stalker(I left a message on the PH board too) but I was perusing the Palmetto picture posts the other day and one of your daughter caught my attention...First,she is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure you've been told that :-), It caught my attention because it was on the same couch/slip cover as our daughter's 9 week update picture and I realized that we might have had the same FM. Now your daughter was with her after ours, Maya came home 3/07 she was born 10/26/06. Anyway, I haven't run (can you run into someone on the web?) into anyone who has shared our same FM or at least the same home. Our FM's mother was also a FM for Mirella. Anyway, I would love to chat with you if you have a moment..ha ha..I am going to be receiving more information about Maya's FF here soon and would love to see if you know anything I can add to her scrapbook. I was enjoying your blog and we have several things in common. I am the mother to three bio sons Zack 19, Preston 11, and LOGAN 8..We live in Ohio though. So, if you can I would appreciate being able to see what you know and would be happy to share the pics. we have of Maya's stay if you are in need of any. Marisol is also having our FM take more pics. of their home, family, street and other things that pertain to Maya's 4 1/2 months with them. Ok, my e-mail is Hope to hear from you.

Nikki said...

Adorable photo!

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