Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Brock's Senior Year....

I have a picture of Brock the first day of his kindergarten year on our door step. I wish I had it available to load to compare. He's just really gotten taller!
My fine son, Brock!
Brock being silly!
These times are few and far between for my daughter. She took a LONG nap this afternoon only because she is cutting her top two teeth. And, YES, she sleeps with her eyes half open....a sign of intelligence I'm sure!


Stacy said...

Brock is so seriously handsome. He could be a model!
It melts my heart to see him lovin' on his baby sis! I bet it does the same to your heart!!!


Gabriela Marie and Family said...

It will be fun having a senior in high school and a 1 year old I am sure!
That is funny that Malaena sleeps with her eyes half open! So do Joe and Ella. It is really funny and I find myself closing Joe's eyes once he is asleep because it looks freaky.
I hope Brock has a great SENIOR year!!!


Ferrick said...

Two very beautiful children! Just like their Mama. Hugs, Sus

Chantelle Becking said...

Tell hot stuff he will need to watch out for the ladies on his trail.
Malae looks so peaceful and I bet momma had a good afternoon!
Love you guys!

Steph said...

Brock is so handsome!!! WOW! A senior!!

I am so glad you "found" us!! Your family is beautiful!!

Vanessa said...

Truly one handsome man!!! Look out mom it looks like you're going to have another heartbreaker on your hands!!
Sorry I haven't been leaving comments but I've been having computer issues so I was lucky to get on long enough to view the blogs!! I think I fixed it now though!! YEAH!!