Monday, June 9, 2008

Prayer Requests...

A McDonald's Ice Cream makes everyday just a little better! Not only does it taste awesome, it's only about 100 calories and it makes Mama and Malaena-Sloan smile!
I just wanted to mention my Uncle Royce this evening. Many of you know him and know he has been battling cancer for about 10 months. He really is experiencing a lot of pain. I just ask that you pray that God comforts him and eases his pain. I continue to pray for a miracle, knowing God's will be done.

Also, I have been following a blog for months: Through our adoption, it has been so inspirational to me. This young couple of their daughter need your prayers. You can check out their blog for the specifics.

It's been a GREAT day in the Harris Household! Malaena-Sloan sure makes us smile A LOT!


Vanessa said...

Sending prayers for your Uncle Royce and your family!! May God provide the strength and comfort he needs during his battle!!

Ferrick said...

sweet friend, you know its God's will to heal him!!! I pray that he is able to receive God's healing. "He can do all things through Christ who strengthens him". big hug, Susie

Candy said...

Will keep him in my prayers...I can't imagine his pain. HUGS

kirschd07 said...

Not sure if Nate will be able to respond to your inquiry concerning Tricia. She has been feeling great. On the weekend, she was shopping by herself and did not need to stop for breaks to gain her strenth. These findings were noticed on her last clinical visit just prior to going back to the OBX. Thanks for your prayers and concern. Praying the Lord will continue with you during your journey.
Tricia's DAD