Friday, May 30, 2008

Where DO the DAYS go?!!!

I just LOVE this ANGELIC picture. I have a picture of her on our first visit trip and she's got her foo foo in her mouth. In Guatemala, I left pacifiers for her each trip and they never encouraged it. She definitely would have been a true user....she will use it for naps and bedtime.
Mama really tries to put her down enough so Malaena will learn to crawl someday! I love holding my daughter!
Our HAPPY Girl! She truly is like this from sun up to sundown! What a blessing from God! I still feel like I'm living my dream from time to time! Thank you GOD!
Malaena-Sloan's first time with our Parents-As-Teachers Coordinator, Ms. Heidi!

All I can say is our days are SHORT!!!! I don't know where the weeks go. Malaena-Sloan got a GREAT report today from Ms. Heidi...she's right on track per U.S. standards. Malaena-Sloan has been receiving many beautiful gifts. Each day at McAlister's, someone will ask what size she's wearing so they can buy a gift. I wanted to start saying a MEDIUM IN WOMEN'S or a PEDICURE! HA! We are loving all the sweet, special things our family and friends are giving us. Malaena-Sloan is still loving her JUMPAROO, and I would say she LOVES TALKING MORE! She's definitely going to be a verbal child....where would she get that?!!!! We are loving our baby girl!


Penny said...

I miss Little Miss Thang! She just keeps getting more and more beautiful! These pictures are so adorable!! I hope you're making extra copies for Aunt Penny!! Give her a smooch for me and tell her I love her! See you soon! Luv you all too!! : )

Ferrick said...

I just love you and that sweet girl. My how I miss you!!! That girl, I am so anxious to see you three! When are you coming to the cottage? And I have to say, I love the headbands! Love you all, Susie
p.s. Bella's is missing those ears!

ellasmommy said...

I saw your post on the adoption blog and just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello. Malaena is GORGEOUS beyond words and I'm so glad that she is adjusting beautifully! She has the most beautiful smile! Also, I LOVE McAlister's!!! We eat there all the time! Oh, and I'm in MO, too...what a small world!


Vanessa said...

I'm so happy to hear you guys are still doing well! A happy baby is definately a blessing!! I hope you all can make it to the reunion in TN this summer!

Amy said...

She is just precious, and sounds like you are LOVING every minute with her. You look so happy in all of your pics, just like Malaena.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Hi, I try to check out your Blog every now and then to see how you gals are doing. (We met @ Marriott in Guatemala City- Becky, Kevin and Alex)I am glad to see you and Malaena are adjusting so well. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Also, HAPPY (belated)BIRTHDAY!


Stacy said...

Yes, you're right! The days go by WAY TOO FAST now!

Malaena is just too pretty for words!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! She is such a doll baby! McAlister's? The Deli? I love that place ...can you tell I missed luch today? LOL I love your blog, keep posting pics of your sweet family! Take care

Ferrick said...

UGH!!!!!! Ok girl, need my Malae fix, post some new pics or email me some. Luv you, Susie

Robyn said...

She is a doll!!