Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Headed to Guatemala SUNDAY and 2nd DNA Should Arrive TODAY!!!!

Man....What a WEEK!!!! Let me just tell you, packing for a trip to pick-up your baby takes a TON of preparation. The last time I returned from Guatemala, I washed Malaena-Sloan's clothes and re-packed the stuff. Well, the day we got the "OUT OF PGN" call, I unzipped the bag, and I dove in. I packed, re-packed and got other opinions to finally feel like I can zip Malaena-Sloan's bag Sunday morning. Her outfits are all ironed, and she has matching socks, bows and shoes with each outfit. I seriously should take a picture of her bag then take one of my bag and compare it. Mine is stacked with STUFF! Half the STUFF is last minute things I've thought of for my daughter. I will get it organized tomorrow, for sure! I am traveling with my friend, Amy, again. The last time, she was SO organized the whole week. Her "area" was all clean, and she even had her clothing articles in drawers. When I travel, I have always just lived out of my suitcase. It's just easier for me to DIG! I'm going to try and be more organized because this trip will be a bit longer, plus when Malaena-Sloan's dad joins us on Saturday, we are going to do some sightseeing! Hopefully, we can show our daughter Antigua, and possibly stay there a couple of days with our dear friends from Michigan, Dave, Susie and Bella! The big news about our case is Malaena-Sloan's last DNA sample left the lab yesterday. It is in transit now from Miami, Florida, to Guatemala and should arrive at the United States Embassy by 6pm.

P.S. For my blogging friends in Guatemala, I know you just experienced feeling an earthquake earlier this week. I felt one this early morning at 4:44am and JUST FELT A SECOND ONE (about 10:15am). UGH! As one of the little boys that experienced it in Guatemala said, "I was shakin' and prayin'!"


The M. Herndon Family said...

Where are you staying in Guatemala? We will be at the Westin April 21-23. You can e-mail me if you'd

We're also from Missouri and I slept right through the earthquake!!

Amy said...

I hope you have a safe trip in Guatemala! It will be so wonderful to have Malaena in your arms forever! I am so happy for your family.

Apparently, we had an earthquake in IL too. We all slept right through it.

The Borsa's said...


I am right behind you. Waiting for 2nd DNA so we can be pink. Email me, I would like to do down early but do not know when to make return date. Are you flying on a changeable ticket? Hope to see you again!
waiting for Nicco

Vanessa said...

Congrats Cheri and Donnie!! I'm so glad she'll be in your arms forever really soon!!! Enjoy the sights and be sure to eat at Kakoo's Resturant in the city! It's a little bungaloo resturant and they have AWESOME food!!