Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Got some "PINK THINKIN'" Goin' On!!!!

Yep, another waiting game. We are simply waiting on the PINK slip! I emailed Lab Corp again today and Pat told me realistically our DNA could leave the U.S. Friday or Monday. I'm praying it leave Thursday! Hey, God can move mountains, why not pray for moving DNA to Guatemala 24 hours quicker?! I am SO EXCITED I leave for Guatemala in three days. I wrote my Aunt Mary Frances a minute ago, and I was really honest with her. I told her that I am absolutely good for nothing this week! I'm trying to be focused on TODAY! But, I'm not-so-much....I'm focused on spending time with Malaena-Sloan next week. I spent an hour or so this evening writing Malaena-Sloan's birth mother a letter. How can you put on a piece of paper the amount of gratitude we feel to this young woman?! I prayed about it, and I poured my heart out. I basically said thank you. I promised to love and adore her! I'm telling you, this is truly one of the most emotional times of my life! You guys better be posted next week for some new pictures of our little princess in all her new outfits, and with her Mama lovin' all over her. Today, I think I got the FINAL touch for our PICK-UP! I bought Malaena-Sloan her first bottle of pink nail polish. I'll get her little piggies painted the first long nap she takes! She and I are going to have so much fun next week!


Ferrick said...

You are so my girl..PINK polish for Malaena. I know she will share with Bella. Will be checking in to our Antigua stay with you and Donnie tomorrow!!! That will give us something new to focus on. Love the picture of Malaena. How much more personality she will have when you see her Monday. Wow...Monday! 4 more days till she is with you forever. Oh the feeling, the joy, the awesomeness of God. Lets never forget that its all HIM! More of your Lord, none of us. Love you Cheri, Susie

Gabriela Marie and Family said...

I can't believe that Malaena will be in YOUR arms FOREVER! The wait is VERY hard, but when yu finally get to bring your little baby home, the wait doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is that you have your baby girl and she will be with you for forever! I can't wait to see her!!!

Ditaur said...
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Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I love the pink polish.....HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!! I am praying for y'all!!!!