Wednesday, April 9, 2008


AM I CONSUMED WITH THIS BABY GIRL?! Yup, you bet I am. I put 11 days, but Donnie said I really didn't have to count today because it's almost over. We are actually making plans about transportation to and from the airport with our daughter, having carseat in position for our daughter, what baby food we need for our, I LOVE making decisions about these things. Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I went for my scheduled hair appointment of cut/color with my dear friend, Nikki. She casually told me to head over the the little bistro connected to the beauty shop. There was a cake all in PINK saying, "WELCOME BABY HARRIS!" How special was that?! I am NEVER suprised (except for when Donnie does it.) I'm usually too nosey to ever be surprised! It was a special afternoon! When I got home, the doorbell rang. I went to the front door and a package for Malaena-Sloan arrived. Aunt Mary Frances got her a BEAUTIFUL white dress with smocking around the collar and a white bonnet. She also sent a great little sun outfit with cherries on it. Malaena-Sloan is racking UP! We are so blessed!

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Ferrick said...

Ha, just what she needs, another out fit!!! I am looking forward to making travel plans as well. Hoping for PINK notice next week if not sooner. Could this sweet girl be any cuter, just like her Mom. Thanks for all your help friend, Sus