Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 SHORT DAYS.....

One of my favorite memories of being a little girl is when my Mama would take me to Portageville, Missouri, to Roger's Shoe Store. I would usually get 2 pairs of shoes(one pair for play and one pair for church.) Along with the shoes, I always got a new pair of frilly white socks. Then, Mom would give me a quarter to ride the horse that was black and white positioned in front of the store front. The funny part is I usually had on a casual outfit with my ruffle socks and my dress shoes riding the horse. Well, today, I bought the first pair of frilly, ruffle socks for my daughter!!! I got a white ruffle pair and a pink ruffle pair. I soon will have pictures of her little feet in her precious socks. The anticipation of holding our baby girl is growing more each day! We checked our credit card today and Malaeana-Sloan's 2nd DNA has been taken. The first time I have actually thanked God for a credit card charge!!!!


Ferrick said...

AMEN for a charge on the charge card!!! Love your memory, thanks for sharing. Love that sweet little face too, as cute as her Mom. Luv, Susie

Vanessa said...

CHA CHING!! Praise God that 2nd DNA has been done and you'll soon be holding that sweet little angel!! Another hurdle done gone!