Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet From Head to Toe....

It's obvious our precious daughter is SWEET from HEAD TO TOE!!! I was hoping today would be the long awaited post of notifying all of you that we are OUT! Well, we know it is coming very soon and we will be notified in God's perfect timing. We have a busy weekend as Logan has 5 basketball games tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, Donnie and I along with a group of our pals are going to the Cancer Gala. It will be a fun time to be all dressed up and enjoy some good food and great conversation. It's fun now cause when we chat with our friends about things to come, they are including Malaena in on our plans. It's all becoming REAL!!! YIPPEE! We are ONE day closer to having our baby girl HOME!!!


Candy said...

ONE DAY CLOSER....Thats the way to think....Me, You, and Kim...WE MUST GET THE GREAT NEWS THIS NEXT WEEK so we call all pick up together. HUGS

Stacy said...

Next week is your week!!!
I love the pictures you take!!!