Friday, January 11, 2008

Quick Update....

Update today from our adoption agency, and we know there is movement in PGN. Our case is moving just as anticipated, and our attorney feels we should be in a better place in a week or so. I just can't say enough about our adoption agency, Palmetto-Hope. I have developed a friendship with our coordinator that will continue once Malaena-Sloan is home. Our attorney and coordinator knew we opened a new business and even called simply to check-in and see how it was going. They BOTH also emailed and called after my son's ear surgery on December 20th. I have such peace with our adoption being handled by such awesome, caring people. I hope our little half-pint is prepared for all the people that are ready to love her. We will do our best to spoil her rotten!

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Chantelle, Eric, Bianca said...

I will behappy to help in that department! The spoiling that is!!!
Wahoo! Our girl will home soon and she can just soak up all of the love!