Sunday, December 16, 2007


Getting ready for church on a Sunday morning is a small feat at the Harris Household, SO you can imagine how we procrastinate to all get dressed-up for a family picture. It is my goal to do it every other year, which I don't think is too much to ask but you would think I was pulling teeth. I planted a seed in our sons' minds prior to leaving for Guatemala that we WERE going to accomplish this upon our return before 2008. I LOVE to have it done in our home which only requires me to Christmas-ize the household in order to accomplish what I want. I always create more work for me. On Friday, I made it my mission that there would be a Christmas-feel to our home, though my hind-end was still in slow-motion with my EMPTY-ARM SYNDROME.
Well, Donnie got in from work around 5:30pm, and he couldn't believe his eyes. We have 3 trees up, decorated and sparse decorations throughout our home. I did 15% of what is "normal" for me, but this is NO "normal" year.

The family photo shoot was shot by our great friends, Wayland and Darla Beller. Then, I proceeded with the boys' pictures and Brock shot the ones of Donnie and me. After completion, we headed to Wal-Green's in miserable weather. Our Christmas cards and some gifts are now ordered after sitting there an hour and a half trying to think of everyone! (After the referral of Malaena-Sloan in October, Wal-Green's has come to know me on a first-name basis!!)
I will pick our Christmas cards up tomorrow and get busy getting them out. My mom wrapped it up best by saying that it's hard for me to make myself do the usual Christmas stuff, because I feel my family just isn't complete. Well, today we are one-day closer to getting our little peanut home to making our family complete! Christmas Blessings!!!

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