Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bittersweet Homecoming!


Malaena-Sloan Alicia Harris!

She is MORE than we ever hoped for, MORE than we ever dreamed of! I have been weepy off-and-on all day long. I haven't began to upack her little things yet cause when I started, I could smell her, and my eyes filled with tears. I will begin unpacking and washing everything, afterall it took me 2 months to pack before. So, the way I see it, I can start the PICK-UP packing soon! We got home about 2:30am. Our flight was delayed in Miami. I figure on our pick-up trip, we will try to come home through DFW. Last night, we received great news from our adoption agency. The Guatemalan government has passed the new law allowing all in-process adoptions to continue without interruption or new rules! AAH! A SIGH OF RELEIF!!! Got some wild news today....I was chosen to be on the national advertising campaign for LA Weight Loss! I leave Monday! I do have EMPTY-ARM-SYNDROME that will be cured when we receive our baby the FINAL time! Hope y'all enjoy the pictures! I have 400 or so to share! Malaena's big brothers, Brock, Alex and Logan, watched our video clips of her and watched the slide show. All their reactions were neat, but they agree they have NO interest in changing her diapers. Momma will sure change them in agreement that they will dispose of them!!!

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Lori said...

She is just the cutest! And she looks right at home in your arms!!!! There was a plan all along for you to be her mommy!! Many hugs,