Friday, November 30, 2007

Six Days to Guatemala!!!!

I posted pictures of my beautiful niece, Lauren Grace, because this is exactly how I feel inside. I'm setting in bed posting this while thinking that this time next week, Pedro will be delivering Malaena to us to hold for four days! It will be a short trip for us to meet our daughter, and many of my friends are worried about us having to leave her. There's not a doubt of in my mind that I will shed tears leaving her, but that is just part of the deal. We have to hold in our hearts that on the next visit, we will be bringing her home forever! Our only other option is to not visit until we go to pick her up. Well, I need a dose of our Malaena! Please pray for us in our travels and please pray specifically that our case is released from Family Court before December 10! Thanks for your continued LOVE and SUPPORT! I thank God for the wonderful friends and family in my life!!!
P.S. I have something else to be thankful for...I have gotten all my dental work done. I will just have to go once a week for about a month to get my bite adjusted! Dr. Kaelin has been working on me for 2 1/2 years. I am not pain free from the TMJ Syndrome, but it is better!!!

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Sig said...

Hey girl! It will be very hard to leave her (trust me I did it enough) but the joy of getting to know her now is PRICELESS.
You will beo ut of FC. I was where you were last year, my court was shutting down for a month on Nov 15 and I got out of FC Nov 11! Right on time.