Friday, September 28, 2007


When I started researching adoption online, everyone referred to the term "paper-ready." That didn't mean much to me at that point because I really didn't believe it could be that difficult to obtain that status. Well....the journey has been long and I can tell you this, obtaining the status of "paper-ready" is no easy task. Matter of fact, I have truly had a part-time job since about June trying to become "paper-ready."

TODAY, WE ARE DOING THE HAPPY DANCE BECAUSE WE ARE PAPER-READY!!! Our I-171H came today in the mail. I faxed a copy of it to Ashley at our adoption agency. She called and confirmed receiving it and said we were now officially on-the-list for a referral. I overnighted documents to her and now we wait.

This is a time in our life where we must take a step on faith. The Department of State issued a statement this week discouraging anymore adoptions in Guatemala to begin. We have basically gotten under the wire. The United States Immigration has approved us to adopt, and they may not continue to do this. This is an answered prayer.

Those of you who are praying for us, please, pray that our baby girl will find her way home to us.

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