Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on the road again....texas or bust...

just wanted to share some amazing pics that i took in texas last week! had a blast and will share some of demetra and mike's wedding very soon. i went to texas for 8 days to be a part of my best friend's wedding. not just "any" best friend....we've shared life since we were 6-years-old. we had an amazing week with a few mishaps. diesel put in a gasoline car, 2 radiators busted and replaced, and a wreck...BUT there was a beautiful wedding. i had the honor of being the matron-of-honor, singer, photographer and mae-sloan was flowergirl! the night rocked! had a fabulous time!

had to share this....
cube is on the road again! in lewisville, texas!
i usually get to hang out at the MOST friendly places. i took demetra and mike's engagement pics at the lewisville feed store in january, so decided to go back. it was cold in january and no one was stirring but a hot day in june, many town folk were out. so....i went in and introduced myself. i asked if we could hang out and take some pics and the store owner was kind enough to allow it. these are the locals that said they'd break my camera....wrong!
well....hello, family! long time no see! can see the happiness, as usual!
i think possibly my favorite from the shoot! this boy is LOVED!
can you imagine telling this little boy NO with eyes like his!?!
yep....pretty sure i was laying on the ground or close to it for this shot! worth it!!!!
dee and greg....we met a couple of years ago, but i've known dee indirectly nearly 20 years. she worked and still works with demetra. dee is an awesome woman! i love her strength through Christ!
this boy doesn't miss a thing!

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