Friday, May 28, 2010

times flyin' and we're havin fun....

truly am shocked by how blessed and busy we are around the studio. have lots of fun, exciting news about to be revealed. for's a little secret but soon we'll share the excitement. in the last couple of weeks, we've had a trend of lots of sessions with boys. I LOVE IT! one of this week's fun events was shooting the Pike's Calendar with some of the sorority girls. Wow! Lots of flat irons, hair spray, lip gloss, clothes....stuff was everywhere. we pulled off some great, exciting images that i can't wait to share.

mae-sloan went to work with mama a couple of days. i think she had a fun time....she did a little posing for us but wasn't there to be photographed. she likes to have a drink of bottle water and the's cute. the funnest thing about her is she's just a little person. she is one chatterbox. i don't know where she gets that from.

totally geared up and ready for the class of 2011 seniors that have been scheduling their experience sessions! we will reveal some great offers this week (good Lord willing and creek doesn't rise!)

i'll close this evening with some of my favorite images of the week. can't share one bridal shoot that is amazing, but lots of other fabulous images to share! hope your memorial day weekend is fabulous!

love these two pics of these precious kiddos!


Raymond said...

I absolutely love the wedding photo by the bridge. The green just stands out to me and makes the pic even more beautiful. However I also love the rest of them and am so happy to see you doing photography. Happy to see you doing what you love capturing memories and smiles.

Anonymous said...

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