Friday, May 7, 2010

babies, babies and faves!

it's been a fun-filled week around the studio! lots of busy-ness (which is right up my ally)! we are spending some time with brock this weekend, so i am posting my faves because i missed last sunday and i'm going to cover this sunday! this week's faves feature babies (and one of my daughter, of course!) hope you enjoy!
a new one of baby bronze! he's grown a lot in his 9-short-weeks-of-life!
happy birthday to silas!
favorite of the week!
one of baby alivia's first birthday!
favorite image ever in the world that i have captured the moment! love the story here! mae-sloan loves to pretend she's dora and this is how we talked her into going on a shoot! notice barbie is laying on the runner! love this child! definite my favorite image this year!