Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the new division of "simply intimate...."

for those of y'all that don't know me, i truly have done a lot of cool, fun jobs in my adult life. from being a make-up artist to teaching school to owning a bridal shop....lots of great experiences. in every single experience, i've owned a camera and captured "people." i laugh often while i think of where God has lead me to bring me to my dream career at the age of 41. how blessed i am! my favoritest (i know that's not real word) part of this job is capturing the beauty that each person possesses! since i was a child, i have LOVED and i mean LOVE people. i have often said that getting to know people is a hobby of mine. now, getting to capture them where they are in life, it all seems to come full-circle for me. i just LOVE what i get to do.

last week, i went to the national photography convention. it was amazing and i attended classes from lighting and technical stuff to children to families to weddings to boudoir! the boudoir portion was dynamic. i have had a couple of boudoir shoots lately, and each time, i love it more. much of which i can't share but i love capturing women! i hear so many people tell me they would love to do a shoot for their husband but they need to lose 15-50 pounds. i hear it all. i'm telling you right now, if you would like to treat your significant other to some great, fabulous, fun pictures of you, CALL ME! i have never been a size zero and am pretty confident i never will be, but i have learned to love my curves and embrace them. it's so cool cause each "simply intimate" shoot i do, the lady is always so pumped afterwards and seems to thankful for making them feel so comfortable. i try to explain, we can do some fun, sexy stuff fully clothed. positioning, lighting, expression.....these things play a HUGE part. i am talking about this now because VALENTINE'S DAY is approaching, but this could be done as a group for a bachelorette party! instead of a "spa party" have a "BOUDOIR PARTY!"

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