Friday, December 25, 2009

the family....

santa came to our home, but we truly celebrate Jesus's Birthday! this year, i just feel especially blessed with having our sweet, sweet daughter. when i rave about her, i'm not discounting being a mama to brock, but i still need to be pinched because some days she seems like the most amazing dream ever!
this kiddo is a trooper. she had been riding in the car for like 7 hours and we were getting settled in our room. when i found her, this was an action shot!
on our mini vacation to branson, mo.
santa hit the house!
early this morning seeing what santa brought!
sporting her new hat! i hope this isn't the only time she wears it!
dad was concentrating on what stumped santa....when it says easy to assemble, this throws up a red flag in our house!

she couldn't even look up for messing with her new stickers!
papa and his girl...

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