Sunday, November 22, 2009

a few new pics of the family....

i had the treat of getting to photograph my brother's kids! i love my favorite niece and amazing nephews! i do photograph them a lot but it tends to be with their hair not fixed and pizza sauce on their faces. so....yesterday was an official, planned shoot! everyone got the memo but the baby, owen! he wasn't digging the whole experience but the pics are amazing. i'll be posting more of the shoot very soon, but for today, i'm showing a couple of my absolute favorites. my nephew, drew, just had a birthday and turned 11. i captured a shot of him yesterday and mimicked the image today with a shoot of brock....oh, yeah, i have to explain that. brock agreed to a shoot. that means i have hit it big-time! he is naturally pretty photogenic if i say so myself. his eyes are GrEaT to photograph. i guess i should take a pic of just his eyes. he and i had a fun afternoon. he has taken a little bit of an interest in my photog business which i'm proud as i'm doing it to pay for his school. it's so good to have him home for 6 days!
my beautiful niece and handsome nephews!
my handsome nephew!
when i got brock to do a photo shoot, i thought i had to have this image like the one of drew!
i love my son's eyes!

i love it when he smiles
donnie, malaena-sloan, me and brock-ster!

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Pineapple Princess said...

These are beautiful as always, Cheri! Brock is so handsome. Wow! I also love that family picture you posted. You have a gorgeous family!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)